Meet Our Staff

Meet our Office Manager!

Natalie - Natalie worked for Blackhawk years ago and has recently rejoined our team as our new practice manager. Along with her husband, she enjoys doting upon her two Golden Retrievers, Nash and Sol. 

Meet our Receptionists!

Dawn - Dawn started working at Blackhawk Veterinary in 2005.  She falls in love with all the Boxers that come into the clinic after previously owning one.  At home she has her three pampered boys, Opie, a Staffordshire Terrier, Angus, a Pitbull and Hitman, a pitbull in a kitten's body.

Julie - Julie joined our reception team in January 2022.  She had actually worked at Blackhawk Veterinary years ago in a different position and we are excited for her to be back with us.  Julie has two Australian Cattle dogs Jax and Turbo, and an Aussiedoodle, Huxley, to spoil when she's at home. 

Lori - Lori joined our reception team in January 2022.  She has had several years experience in the veterinary field and brings that knowledge with her to Blackhawk Veterinary.  Along with her husband and two children at home, she has three dogs: Miley, Gabby and Paisley, and her four horses. 

Lisa - Lisa is the most recent addition to our receptionist team.  She actually worked at Blackhawk in the late '90's and we are happy she has found her way back to us  She has many years of experience in the the veterinary field and is ready to help Blackhawk care for our patients. In addition to her husband, and youngest son, she has two dogs, Miah and Rio, two cats, Nemo and Bagel, and her rabbit, Coffee. 

Meet our Technicians!

Jackie -  Jackie came to work for Blackhawk in 2009.  She worked for us part-time while also attending Rockford Career College where she completed her Associates Degree in the Veterinary Technician Program and now works for us as a Certified Veterinary Technician.  She likes being a part of Blackhawk's staff as she believes we provide quality care for our patients and their families.  She and her husband have five dogs, Cam, Abby, Cricket, Boden and Cooper, and two cats, Willie and Arrow. Along with her house pets, she has horses, goats, miniature donkeys, chickens, ducks and turkeys.

Terra - Terra started working at Blackhawk in July 2022.  She is currently working on her courses to become a Certified Veterinary Technician through Penn Foster. Terra has two dogs, Duke and Tito, two cats, Teeter and Rocky, a lamb, Dorothy and three show horses, Chase, Cash & Fergie.

Erica - Erica joined the Blackhawk team in September 2022 and works for us as a part-time Certified Veterinary Technician. She brought many years of knowledge and experience with her from general and emergency practice. Along with her husband, and three kids, she has her three dogs, Ivy, Zag and Violet, three horses, numerous barn cats, cattle, and chickens.

Corrine - Corrine joined our team in late December 2022.  She is a kennel /vet tech assistant.  Along with her husand, she also has three dogs, Lucky, Hunter and Macey. Corrine has fostered lots of animals over the years and currently has a long-term foster dog, Claire.

Halley - Halley works for us as a Tech Assistant on Saturdays.  She has been with us since September 2022. Halley is a new mom to her precious baby, Stella Grace. Her other "children" are her three dogs, Duncan, Buck and Pepper, horses, Cosmo, Ragdoll, Jessie and Dautry, and several rabbits and barn cats.

 Meet our Kennel Staff!

Alex - Alex joined our team in the Fall 2022. When he's not at Blackhawk caring for and spoiling our patients he enjoys loving on his rescue dog, Penny, and learning Brazillian jiu-jitsu.

Tali - Tali joined our staff in June 2022 as a kennel / vet tech assistant. She is currently going to school to become a licensed veterinary technician. She has two dogs, Eren and Penelope, and two cats, Panko and Valentina.

Meet our Maintenance Man!

 Duncan - Duncan has been helping keep Blackhawk Veterinary up and running since 2006.  He finds Blackhawk to have a good and friendly atmosphere.  His daughter is our Dr. Julia.  Duncan and his wife, Pam, have several cats and their dog "Plot".  All were either found in the Byron area or came as strays to Blackhawk Veterinary. Somehow we keep finding work for Duncan to do.

Meet our "Fill In"  workers!

Dr. Channing Sebo - Dr. Channing fills in for us as a relief veterinarian when needed. She works full time as a Diagnostic Analyst for Merck Animal Health. Dr. Channing and her husband are owned by their dogs, Maci, Mona and Piper, cat, Dilly, and bearded dragon, Pancake.

Kim - Kim fills in for us as a receptionist when needed.   She's a past employee of Blackhawk Veterinary and although she's retired, she enjoys helping us out when we are short-handed.  We greatly appreciate having an experienced receptionist available to fill in.

Amelia - A very versatile young lady that can fill in in a variety of positions when she is home from college and available.  While her college aspirations are other than the veterinary field, she is a big help when she's available.

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